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about us

Nature of Sagano-Arashiyama greeted.
Katsura River is famous for rafting, Togetsukyo across the Katsura River, TENRYU temple, such as it is also a world heritage, It is the area where a lot of things have been left in a long historical cultural context.

"SAGANOYU" is facing the entrance of the place, which is also the Saga-Arashiyama, Originally, in 1923, was "SAGAYU" bathhouse was born as a place of recreation and relaxation for people.

When connecting the Taisho and Showa and Heisei, was reborn as "Teahouse" from the "bathhouse" August 10, 2006.

I want to spend the time, "bliss", I have a value expressed as a new resort through space renovated old building.